The cushion Foundation trend in the Beauty industry

Ever since the k-pop industry has reached the global stardom. The Korean beauty has been trending from face masks to other beauty products people are interested and are inspired by the Korean skincare routines. The cushion foundation is one such trend that is one of the favorite trends of people around the world. This compact easy to carry foundation has become the lasted trend that has been hyped globally.

Why go for a compact cushioning foundation?

 When a person wishes to achieve the perfect no make up look then cushioning foundation can be the best way to achieve the look. Unlike traditional powder or foundation, these compacts can give the best finish. These compacts are easy to carry to one can touch up at any time of the day. Applying a reasonable amount of power using the cushion dab is around the face to attain a flawless look.

Benefits of the Cushion compacts:

The best cushion [คุชชั่นที่ดีที่สุด, which is also the term in Thai] foundation can provide a perfect coverage of dark spots, and other blemishes. It is essential to apply the perfect amount of makeup at every part of the face. These compacts are lightweight; thus, layering can give full coverage and a glowing look.

The best cushion foundations have a smooth and soft finish. They can blend effortlessly with the skin without the use of costly blenders. They provide a natural spread without the application of makeup blender or makeup brushes.

These foundations are very convenient. They are easy to carry and super easy to apply. Even if the person is late to the office, this simple easy to use cushion foundation can be an idle solution to finish the makeup on the go. Even in the situation where after breaking a sweat during work out session the person has prior commitments then going for a heavy makeup can be a herculean task, but the cushion compact can provide a hassle-free solution in achieving the post-workout glam.

Not only for post workout glam these foundations can be very idle for carrying during the vacation season. Packing luggage with makeup kit cannot be very realistic to the weight of the load so the cushion compacts can be the idle solution to give a glamorous look during the vacation.

To every makeup beginner, the cushion foundation can be the best possible way for experimenting. Since they are simpler to use gives customized coverage based on the amount of layering. It can be applied with sponges one not necessarily have to go in for makeup brushes being a beginner.

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