Things All Brandy Lovers Should Know About

Brandy is a wonderful drink even taken alone, taken in a cocktail or even as an after-dinner drink. Brandy is made from distilled wine that produces 35-60 percent alcohol. Brandy has an aroma as well as delicate flavors. So as to enjoy the drink more, you should know how you should drink brandy and also know about its history.

How is Brandy Produced?

Brandy is made up of distilled fruit juice. First, the fruit is taken, and then it is crushed to get its juice, and the juice is then fermented, and fruit wine is made. When the fruit wine is distilled, brandy gets produced. Some Brandy is then put in the barrel to age, and some are not.

  • Brandy is made from grapes, yet there are brandies made from other fruits such as peach, apple, plum, and numerous others. When brandy is made from a fruit, the fruit name is stated first before the word “brandy.” As an example, if made from peach, it would be called peach brandy.
  • The dark color of Brandy comes because of its aging in the barrel. Brandies that are not aged in the barrel will certainly not have this caramel color, but colors will frequently be added to create the same look.
  • Pomace brandy is made a little bit differently. As opposed to just fermenting the grape juice, fermentation and purification to make pomace brandy will include the stems, seeds, and skin of the grapes. Pomace brandy is likewise called Marc (English as well as French) and also grappa (Italian). is a famous Slivovitz selling the online store. Slivovitz means brandy made from natural fruit in a traditional style of ripe plum. The plums are collected from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia. also make natural brandies from pear, apricot, grape, quince, apple, etc.

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