Top Three Reasons Why Bamboo Is The Perfect Fabric For Socks

Did you know that out of all the sweat you’re emitting every day, two cups of it come from your feet? There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands found on the feet and the three main reasons why your feet sweat are heat regulation, excretion, and skin protection.

However, too much sweating is not good. It may cause your feet to smell, and nobody wants that. It is important to keep your feet in a breathable environment. Otherwise, sweat won’t evaporate, causing bacteria to thrive in these warm and moist areas. And the only reason why your feet may suffocate is because of wearing tight socks or shoes. Thus, choosing the best type of socks is crucial, and here’s why bamboo clothing is the best type of fabric for you.

Below is a list of reasons why choosing the best and most suitable fabric is important in keeping your feet dry and fresh. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and absorbs moisture.

It is hypoallergenic

Isn’t it irritating when your feet suddenly feel so itchy after wearing socks for a whole day? You’d probably say that one of the best feelings is when you get home and you finally remove your socks that have been bothering you for the day. But you don’t have to wait to get home to feel comfortable again with bamboo clothing because it is hypoallergenic.

Bamboo fabric is gentler to the skin because it is often made from a pure source that is not exposed to different chemicals in the manufacturing process that may cause allergies and irritations.

Bamboo socks are indeed the perfect material for everyone, including people with sensitive skin and other skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, etc. They can also provide UV protection to avoid sunburn.

It is antibacterial

As mentioned earlier, bacteria thrive in warm and moist environments, and this causes the feet to accumulate microbes, producing an unpleasant odour. But the bamboo fabric has an antibacterial property that prevents microorganisms from growing and thriving on its surface.

Lignin, a type of polymer present in bamboo and causes some plants to become rigid, is very high in fibre resistance to bacteria. An antimicrobial agent named “bamboo kun” is naturally occurring in bamboo fibres that repel irritants.

Because bamboo is antibacterial, it is also possible to address and eliminate certain feet conditions like Athlete’s foot, a type of fungal infection that usually happens when the foot is moist and irritated.

It absorbs moisture

Because of bamboo’s excellent moisture absorbency, it is used in socks, towels and even reusable diapers. Bamboo is believed to have more absorbency powers, as much as four times, than other commonly used fabrics like cotton.

Again, moisture is mainly why your feet might smell, so it is important to wear something comfortable and breathable that would keep your feet dry and refreshed.

Bamboo fabric also helps in regulating the feet’ temperature. It can adjust in different seasons. It can keep your feet warm and cool in the winter and summer, respectively.

Generally, bamboo socks are ideal for everyone without exception because they are hypoallergenic and suitable even for sensitive skin. They are also antibacterial and can eliminate moisture and foul odour.

One of the major reasons why your feet may smell is because you’re wearing tight, irritating, and non-breathable socks. Your feet will start to accumulate moisture, and as a result, bacteria may have the chance to grow and thrive. These bacteria and other microbial agents can cause foot problems like Athlete’s foot and unwanted smell, and it is necessary to eliminate unwanted moisture and bacteria to avoid this.

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About the Author: Clare Louise